A Great Week in Sports Underway

This week is by far one of the best weeks in sports. Opening day for Major League Baseball, the NCAA Final Four, The Masters, and the NBA wraps up their regular season.

Beginning with the Final Four, it is arguable the 2nd most popular championship after the Superbowl. There’s something about the intrigue, the underdog and the unexpected with the NCAA tournament. This is basketball played the right way, for the right reasons. The parody keeps fans clinging to their seats until the very end. This year, the combined graduation of Duke and Butler is above 90%. The players especially on Butler’s team were not rated coming out of high school. These guys weren’t getting the heavy attention and having to decide between the powerhouse schools. They chose a team of best fit and the system in return benefits their game.

The biggest story line of the week will be the return of Tiger Woods to golf. Since his disaster last November, Thursday will mark his first tournament round in a long time. Today after a practice round, Woods sat in front of cameras and hundreds of reporters answering every question asked. Sure he did avoid some questions but rightfully so. Why does it matter what he was in rehab for, or what he and his wife Elin have talked about in the last few months? That is personal business and frankly the public has no right to know. However in this world of 24-hour social media, it is all getting plenty of attention. Golf is his specialty and so of course its great to see him to return to the course. CBS and The Masters will get unbelievable ratings due to the amount of interest that comes with Tiger Woods. Augusta is the most exclusive course and the Masters is the most famous tournament. An appropriate return for possibly the greatest golfer of all-time.

This week also marks the start of the Major League Baseball season. Teams embrace upon a full 162 game schedule. Year after year fans say, “There is always next year,” only to be disappointed. Questions always arise in baseball. Will the Cubs ever make it back to the World Series? Who has the best bullpen? Has the Yankees bought themselves another championship? Or how many players are on steroids? The integrity of MLB certainly is in question and has been for a decade. Fans now embark on a new season after anxiously awaiting spring training.

Finally the NBA regular season is wrapping up. Many teams are trying to win their last few games to have a chance at the playoffs. The Pacers like many teams have focused their attention on the young players and the teams’ future. Rarely is there parody and the finals matchup is never a surprise. Look for LA, Dallas, Denver in the west, and Cleveland, Boston, and Atlanta in the east. With the NCAA tournament wrapping up, NBA and NCAA fans will turn their attention to the draft and their respective teams.

Much to watch, much to analyze and much to celebrate.

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