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Beat the Throw: Creating and using a business card properly

Last week, I told you how to network effectively. Going along with that this week, it is important that you have a professional business card already made up that are representational of the image you want to convey. Business cards are not very pricey but they can give you one leg up on the competition….

Beat the Throw: How to effectively network with others

Last week in my initial installment, I wrote on the importance of building your brand and how. This week, I will focus on networking and contacts. Now days, they are essential in gaining valuable experience, advice and job leads. The Indianapolis Colts public relations wiz Craig Kelley spoke the other day in Bloomington and said…

Beat the Throw: finding your brand

In a new series of weekly posts, I will share my insight on building your brand, getting to the top of the résumé pile and making the most of your resources. First up, the importance of finding and building your brand—after all, it reflects who you are. While constructing your brand, keep in mind that…