Colts fan in London on the NFL across the pond

NFL took over Regent Street over the weekend for Fan Fest.

NFL took over Regent Street over the weekend for Fan Fest.

[Editor’s Note:’s Aaron Eamer lives in Bristol, England, and he happily shared his thoughts and photos from the NFL International Series in London over the weekend.]

It was a Jacksonville Jaguars home game, and the Colts were a participant for the first time. The Colts lost 30-27.

LONDON — The fan festival today was actually a really nice touch to the weekend to try get people involved and feel that they’re closer to the sport. I met a couple of Colts fans from Indianapolis who were “fan-girling” heavily at Andrew Luck walking by, as it was the closest they’d gotten to him before. If there were Premier League soccer games in America I can’t imagine players doing the same so I think people really appreciated the effort made.

In terms of the overall build up, outside of people going to the games or around the area at the time, I don’t think most people realize it’s happening. I asked work colleagues and nobody knows about it happening unless they’re into the sport already. It seems it might take a few years to really grow it here, it needs to pull in the kids, and it’s very difficult to do that apart from weekends like this.

There were a number of kids around but how many will be at the game tomorrow? I really don’t know. There’s a lot of talk about a London team in the future but for me, this really isn’t going to work. People in the UK are so loyal to their teams that a new team coming in wouldn’t make fans jump ship to the new team. I, for example, would be a Colts fan no matter what happens and I think Colts games and are the only ones I’d go and watch. You’d really only pull the absolute hardcore fans and people looking to give it a go and I don’t see it working long term. The novelty would wear off. I think most people’s gripe with the game here is the time between downs.

Today though was real nice and I think everyone enjoyed themselves. Queues could have moved faster but that’s the same with everything. The player appearances weren’t overly long but that’s again to be expected with a game tomorrow.

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