George donates No. 24 gear to Knight HS, his alma mater

By now, you probably know that Pacers swingman Paul George requested to change his number from 24 to 13. In doing so, there were all kinds of left over George merchandise. Recently, any item he was on was removed from the team’s official store and website.

So, what did they do with it all? Paul George bought it, surely at a steep discount, and donated the remaining inventory to Knight High School, his alma mater in Palmdale, CA.

George’s representatives reached out to the school to make it happen. A select group of students were selected to receive Paul George merchandise. The school was also sure to include any staff members that previously worked with George, a 2008 graduate. In all, more than 600 students and faculty received items.

“They were just thrilled,” Vice Principal Josh Evans told by phone. “They were so excited. We didn’t advertise ahead of time all that was happening. They were just surprised and really happy to be receiving jerseys. And then there’s that connection that Paul George has with the school.

“There was definitely an atmosphere of excitement and appreciation amongst students, and the staff.”

On one of the baseline walls in the gymnasium, George’s No. 24 high school jersey hangs in a frame along with a picture of him in the NBA (as seen in the third photo below).

“It meant a lot,” George said of being able to help his school. “My team approached me about giving back to the community. We immediately thought about my high school and how big that would be because I stay very connected with teachers, my coach. And even time to time, I go back and play little games with the high school kids there.”

“I’m big in that community, and I want to stay that way.”

As he lays at his home in Geist, unable to put any pressure on his right leg, seeing photos of everyone so happy at his high school has to make him feel pretty good inside.

See the reaction from students and faculty on Twitter below:

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