Gordon Hayward lands a new ride

Former Butler superstar Gordon Hayward finally has a car to himself, and it’s not what you’re expecting. Drafted No. 9 overall by the Utah Jazz, Hayward is guaranteed millions. The low-profile Brownsburg native didn’t buy the traditional Land Rover, Cadillac, or BMW so often purchased by NBA players.

Instead, he got a Honda Accord.

It is one of the first big purchases for Hayward. In high-school, he shared a white minivan with his twin sister Heather. It’s certainly an upgrade to his “White Warrior,” as he chose to call it in an attempt to sound smooth.

“That’s a good, practical car for me,” Hayward said Tuesday to the Deseret News. “The first car I’ve ever owned, so that was real exciting when I drove off with it the first time.”

Hayward will make $2,356,320 next season and $2,532,960 for 2011-12, a guaranteed total of almost $4.9 million over two years.

After signing his first contract, it is normal for NBA rookies to make a few ‘large’ purchases. Often times the star will buy his parents a house and maybe even a car. I’m sure Gordon has taken care of his family.

In a typical NBA parking lot one would find multiple Land Rovers, Mercedes, Beemer’s, and Cadillac Escalades. You will also get an occasional truck decked out. Even Lexus’s are becoming more prevalent. But a Honda Accord…that’s a trainers car.

But in this situation, the Jazz’s lottery pick bought a modest car that truly fits his personality. Gordon Hayward is a very calm, low-key guy that isn’t in it for the attention. His modest selection demonstrates his desire for his first new car, at a reasonable price…just a typical Indiana guy; although he did buy a foreign car…What’s up with that?

“I had a (Honda) Civic growing up, too, so it’s an upgrade from the Civic.”

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