Miami football deserves harsh penalty after Shapiro’s involvement

If they wanted it, Nevin Shapiro made it happen.

Shapiro gave his story to Yahoo Sports after his $930 million Ponzi scheme was discovered and he was sentenced to 20 years in jail.

At his time in need, none of the players Shapiro took such great care of came to lend a hand. He said that he reached out to numerous players and connections but felt betrayed because nobody was willing to help.

Without the requested money and friendship, Shapiro was turned off and disgusted with former Miami players turning their backs.

There’s no question Shapiro has his own agenda, but by giving Yahoo the story, he may help take down Miami’s football program. Even if some of his “memories” aren’t true, the majority he backed up with pictures, credit card statements and cell phone logs. And he wasn’t just trying to befriend the players, but he was a university donor and worked for a sports agency.

Charles Robinson of Yahoo Sports spent 11-months talking with the former University of Miami booster and came out with this bomb of a story. In the detailed report, at least 72 players are implicated and coaches are also mentioned.

This story is so bold, that they have an individual page for each player implicated. Some of the notable names include: Robert Marve (Purdue current QB), Andre Johnson, Devin Hester, Jacory Harris, Sean Taylor, Jonathan Vilma, and Vince Wilfork.

The NCAA responded Wednesday saying that they have been looking into the school for five-months. The fact that NCAA President Mark Emmert even responded shows the severity of the case. They usually give a ‘no comment.’

The ‘U’ as they like to be called, deserves at least the death penalty. No football program for five years–that will not only teach them but other schools around the country. Schools are extremely dependent on football revenues to pay the bills and support the athletic department.

It’s time for the NCAA to sack up and hand out harsh penalties to schools that deserve them.

This blows tattoos at Ohio State or Reggie Bush at USC out of the water. And it also puts Kelvin Sampson’s phone calls at Indiana into perspective. Doesn’t look so bad now huh?

Because of the improper contacts by Sampson and staff, the IU basketball program has been in a rebuilding faze for the last three years. Now beginning the fourth year under a compliant staff, the program took a HUGE hit just because of phone calls.

In this University of Miami case, we’re talking millions of dollars, cars, alcohol, yachts, prostitutes, parties, gambling, drivers and more. I sure would have liked to be at South Beach these last few years.

Blame can be put on everyone-Shapiro, players, coaches and administrators. Not every administrator probably knew, but the fact that nobody told and Shapiro knowingly provided gifts is out of line–and they should all pay for it.

And with all these gifts from Shapiro, how come the team has been awful the last few years. They had the great National Championship victory in 2002 at the Rose Bowl but they haven’t done much since. The gifts were doing no good!

Stories like these are bound to come out because there are guys willing to do illegal things and players that want the benefits.

The NCAA must get a handle and truly penalize teams. First with the programs, then from head coaches all the way day. Part of the way to end it is banning, yes banning coaches that turn the other way. Guys like Sampson and Tressell.

And give the University of Miami a harsh penalty, like the end of their football program, to do what’s right and prove a point to every other team across the country: no BS. Play honest.

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