Paul George ejected in win at Philadelphia

George was ejected with 2:59 left in the Pacers’ win over the 76ers.

Paul George, the Eastern Conference Player of the Week for the first week in April, was ejected in the Pacers’ 120-111 win Monday night in Philadelphia.

It was the Pacers’ fourth consecutive victory.

George’s first technical against the 76ers came in the middle of the fourth quarter when he got tangled up with Gerald Henderson, who pulled George to the ground. A double-technical was issued.

Then, as Henderson drove to the hoop two minutes later, he elbowed George in the jaw. The officials assessed Henderson with a Flagrant-2, an automatic ejection, for unnecessary and excessive contact, and George another technical foul.

Henderson did his job, as both players were disqualified from play with 2:59 left. The Pacers led 114-105.

Including the two he was called for on Monday, George has nine technical fouls this season. That’s $22,000 in fines. Plus, each ejection costs $2,000 plus last ejection fine which adds up to $20,000. Add those together, and that’s $42,000 in fines from technical fouls and ejections alone. (It is tax-deductable, by the way.)

George’s contract calls for him to gross $237,914 per regular-season game … totaling $19,508,958.

George has been ejected four times over his seven-year career, all coming this season.

  1. Nov. 5 vs Chicago (George kicked the ball in the stands) — WON
  2. Jan. 21 at Utah (tossed after fouling out) — LOST
  3. Feb. 25 at Miami (two technicals in the third quarter) — LOST
  4. Apr. 10 at Philadelphia (two technicals in the fourth quarter) — WON

George hasn’t kept his thoughts on officiating this season. He’s spoken about it unfiltered nearly a dozen times. After a 125-117 home loss to Denver back on March 24, he said, “At this point, I’m done with fighting that battle. I’ll respect every call the officials make.”

However, after his time on the floor was cut short once again, George didn’t hold back.

Watch what he had to say below, via Comcast SportsNet Philly:

3 Responses to Paul George ejected in win at Philadelphia
  1. Mark Sigman
    April 10, 2017 | 11:01 pm

    So why was PG assessed a technical? Saw no action that would warrant that call. League trying to harm Pacers again.

    • Scott Agness
      April 10, 2017 | 11:09 pm

      For his second technical, George shoved Henderson in the back with his forearm.

  2. Donald Andry
    April 10, 2017 | 11:55 pm

    I hate to see this happen when the Pacers are warming up to kick some serious you know what! We know the League tolerates the old ABA teams but……but hates to see them in the throws of a serious run for a Championship, save for the S.A. team. Money being the issue as usual. DUH! There are other star ball players who SHOULD have the respect of the league to insist on the protection of these no matter what team and the situation. An injured star at playoff tome by the league allowing play that is too rough and could easily be construed as an attempt to harm this franchises success in the up coming playoffs. S.O.S.

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