Paul George sent flowers to girl hit by basketball

Paul George sent flowers to Lindsey, the crew member with FOX Sports Indiana who was accidentally hit by the basketball kicked by the Pacers’ star Saturday night.

After the ball struck Lindsey, who was talking with her sister in the third row behind the basket, George walked over to apologize and hug her. He received a technical foul and an automatic ejection for the play.

George was fined $15,000 by the NBA on Tuesday for booting a ball “into the spectator stands.”

Lindsey’s sister confirmed that George apologized and asked her to pass along her address.

The note attached read:

Lindsey, I’m sorry for the ball hitting you at the game on Saturday! It was not intentional. I hope you are feeling okay.

– Paul George


This is a nice gesture by George, who was remorseful after the game, a blow-out win.

“Meant to kick the ball against the mat, the stanchion I guess. My soccer skills isn’t as good as I thought. I apologized to the beautiful girl I hit. Glad my team was able to pick up this win and me not be at fault for this loss.”

The following message was shared with the above image by Mika Brown on Facebook:

“Long story short: At Saturday’s Pacers-Bulls game, Paul George was ejected for accidentally kicking a ball into the stands- hitting Lindsey. Today, these showed up at the house. Paul George, you’re a class act and you certainly do not deserve the negative attention you’ve been receiving in the media for this incident. Most guys would just pay the fine and forget about it… NBA superstar Paul George sends flowers. #classact #paulgeorge #youngtrece #nba #pacers #indianapacers”

[H/T CBS4]

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