Scott Agness’ Mailbag — Aug. 12, 2015

I’ll answer a collection of questions sent my way via email and Twitter. Send me your questions for the chance to have yours included. (Comments are also welcome.)

It’s been a while since I’ve answered your questions with a mailbag feature. With so many changes going on at Bankers Life Fieldhouse, I know there are plenty of questions. Let’s get to them.

@firstclassfob: do you see a minute limit on Paul George for next season?

I do not. When he returned in April, he had a 15-minute limit or so. Coach Frank Vogel never stretched that too much, never beyond 18 minutes. George says he is near 100 percent and feeling great. He says the thoughts and worries that come with the type of injury he had are gone. While they’ll be cautious with him, I don’t expect him to open the year with a minutes restriction.

[2015-16 NBA schedule to be unveiled Aug. 12 at 6 p.m. ET]

@JoseGonpacer14: what are ur expectations for this season are far as seed ? And round in playoffs ?

Can’t we get just get to camp first before make bold proclamations? It’ll be interesting with as many as eight new players in the mix, and Paul George back. I do believe they are a playoff team. I’m not big into predictions, especially eight weeks before camp opens!

Larry Bird added Jordan Hill and traded for Chase Budinger.

Larry Bird added Jordan Hill and traded for Chase Budinger.

@JoseGonpacer14: what do u think of the pacers roster ? Did u like the additions ? Or u think they take a step back ?

That’s more like it, Jose!

I really like what they did in the draft, grabbing a big and another ball handler. Turner will take time to develop, no doubt, but he’s got tons of talent and remember folks — he’s just 19! You wouldn’t know it, though, unless you talked with him.

I questioned the signing of Monta Ellis initially, but the move has grown on me. They desperately need an offensive punch, and in Ellis they are getting a proving scorer who can just go get buckets. All he’s focused on is basketball.

The one move I did not like was trading Damjan Rudež, the best 3-point shooter on the team, and his cheap contract away from Chase Budinger. The Arizona product has suited up for just over half (53 percent) of games the last three years while in Minnesota. I think he could be a solid role player, but Rudež was an old rookie that could help space the floor on occasion with his 3-ball.

[Pacers organist Neil Copley loses battle with colon cancer]

@MaxStacks24: Do you see Joseph Young seeing more minutes at the 1 or the 2? Kids got a serious offensive skill set.

Definitely at the one. Obviously he’s more of a scoring point guard but because he’s undersized and will get taken advantage of on the defensive end, he’ll have to make it up by playing point. Keep in mind that with the new emphasis to run and score quickly, it matters less who plays where and more about moving the ball quickly up the floor, as well as matchups on the defensive end.

Young, who has an infectious personality, showed up big time at Summer League and led the 100-plus person field in scoring. Very impressive. It’ll be fun to track his growth of the next few years.

@CisforCraig: Which new Pacer do you expect to have the biggest impact?

I think this is easy and obvious: the oldest player on the roster with an keen ability to score, Monta Ellis. He’ll step right into the starting lineup with the George’s. The other two spots are still to be determined.

@thesource94: would u bring markief Morris aboard if u could and if so do u think it would be a good fit

This is interesting considering his comments in Philly on Tuesday saying on the record that he wants out and expects to be traded. He is heading into the first year of a new four-deal deal worth $32 million. The Pacers already have one too many players and would have to send away at least a couple. It’s worth taking a look and seeing with that asking price is from Phoenix. With Morris coming out with his message, it’s a buyer’s market.

@rappingranny55: are the Pacers still going to have G2 zone and another cheering section this year?

Nothing is confirmed just yet. I do expect the G2 Zone return but they are not yet sharing their plans for what was formerly Area 55. I’m told that stuff will be ironed out by the end of the month.

Joe Young will wear No. 1 for the Pacers.

Joe Young will wear No. 1 for the Pacers.

@ToeKnee_Cobb: Do you really see joe young getting the back pg spot behind hill or is it a lot of summer league hype

I do not see rookie Joe Young playing backup point guard. I envision him more as the three-string point guard, with the other guards all capable of bringing the ball up. Likely, it would be Rodney Stuckey after GHill, then perhaps Ellis and even Paul George. Coach Vogel has the tough job of finding minutes for everyone.

@BigOBill: With 15 under contract, who starts the season in the D League?

If you remember, the Pacers never used the D-League until 2012, when they sent first-round pick Miles Plumlee and Orlando Johnson up to Fort Wayne. That’s something not to be concerned with until after training camp, where we’ll get a good look at some of the young guys — like Rakeem Christmas and Glenn Robinson III.

@PacerFanForLife55: can you explain how we signed Toney Douglas when we’re at the 15 max roster

Teams are allowed to sign up t0 20 players for training camp and the preseason. Typically, the Pacers take a few extras — 17 or 18 — to camp and then waive those beyond the 15, which is the maximum number of players allowed. Rosters league wide must be down to no more than 15 on Oct. 26, the day before opening night.

Thanks for all the questions fired my way. Don’t hesitate to send me yours to be included in my next mailbag.

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