Training never stops — Paul George tries POWERHANDZ

Paul George testing out POWERHANDZ gloves.

Paul George can’t get work in on the basketball court for at least a couple months, but that doesn’t mean he’s not working everyday to improve.

In addition to caring to his right leg, for which he had surgery on Aug. 2 to repair an open tibia-fibula fracture, George has been in the weight room and is now trying a new training tactic.

Donald Sloan, one of the Pacers’ trio of point guards, hooked him up with a product he uses, POWERHANDZ, which “are performance enhancing athletic training products innovatively designed to both strengthen hand and arm muscles and intensify players’ dexterity,” according to their official site.

There are weights on the outside of the gloves. The palms are slippery and as one starts to dribble, there’s resistance. Through all of that, a player can strengthen muscles and improve their ball handling. A pair of these gloves costs $69.99.

Former Pacer Fred Jones (2002-06) is one of six members on the advisory panel.

George in a post on Instagram: “I’m working when I can’t work over here!!!!”

George isn’t the only player Sloan has given a pair of POWERHANDZ. Sloan, who has shared offseason time in Indy and home in Texas, gave one to starting point guard George Hill.

“Those are legit,” Sloan said of the gloves this summer.

“If he does it, he’s going to come back handling it like Lance [Stephenson] … If G-Hill get with me, we’re going to get him right.”

Sloan (or D-Sizzle, his nickname) isn’t just hyping the product up, either. Though he is one of five ambassadors for the company, he uses it himself — and often.

Watch below as Sloan gets to dribble with the gloves:

It looks like Sloan is hooking up all his teammates with a pair. Chris Copeland just got his: “Shoutout @donsloan15 and @koolmoded for the @powerhandz hyped to try these out…”

And here’s a photo of George attacking another weight exercise while sitting down:

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