VIDEO: Paul George playing 2-on-2

Paul George back on the floor, just over six months removed from surgery.

Paul George was quite mobile, and appeared to be comfortable as he played 2-on-2 against teammates late Wednesday afternoon. George worked out more than two hours before the Pacers hosted the Detroit Pistons.

George went through drills, including one where he started with the ball at the top of the key, passed the ball to coach Dan Burke, then got it back, and absorbed contact as he finished a layup at the rim.

It was clear by the end of the workout, as you’ll see, that George was winded. That’ll come as he continues to up his workload.

Pacers President Larry Bird said Tuesday that he has “no clue whether (Paul’s) going to play or not” this season. He suffered a compound fracture back on August 1, so March would mark seven months from surgery, and when Bird was told George’s bone should be completely healed.

“If he gets healthy and they say he can play, and he wants to play, we’ll put him out there,” Bird added.

Watch the HD video below:

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