Following my passion, it’s on to a new chapter

Like the players, I have my own pre-game routine. (Photo by Matt Kryger)

On this day, July 25, back in 2003, I began a fun part-time job that would ultimately have a unforeseeable impact on my young life. That’s the day I began working at Pacers Sports & Entertainment.

At that time, my youngest sister of three – but still older than me – was a ball kid for the WNBA’s Indiana Fever. (A job she first heard about from my oldest sister, who was previously an intern with the team.) She was also a great athlete and had her own sporting events every day. She was active with not only her high school sports, but also AAU basketball and travel soccer.

Simply put, she was busy for a Fever game and needed a sub, only she couldn’t find one. Ultimately, she called her boss, Elizabeth Dewhirst, and said something like, ‘My brother knows basketball and is around it all the time. He could fill in.’ Liz said yes.

I was assigned the rookie/beginner tasks, like mopping, folding towels, and rebounding – but I loved it. Liz felt I did a good job and asked me to do more games. Then, at the end of the season, asked if I wanted to continue on. Um, duh. Of course I would!

I had the best seat in the Fieldhouse...

I had the best seat in the Fieldhouse…

A couple years into it, I figured why not also be a ball boy for the Pacers? So I had a brief interview with team trainer Josh Corbeil and was hired on. I worked eight years with the Pacers, up until graduation from Indiana University in 2012, and 10 with the Fever. I lucked out and had a daily role with the Fever during their 2012 WNBA Championship season. The latter half of those years with the Pacers were spectacular, as one of the lead ‘locker room attendants,’ – that’s now what we called ourselves – in charge of the visitor’s locker room.

Basically we took care of anything they needed. It was our jobs to make them to feel comfortable and not sweat the little things. I could go on and on about that role, maybe write a book, but it was incredibly special and fun.

A few months after graduating, I discovered that there was an opening at What a great opportunity to continue on with the team I grew up watching and had been around for nearly a decade. I remember finding out around midnight one night, and then I immediately worked to make my interest known. An email was fired, with my resume attached, around 2 a.m. (Go after what you want!)

In August of 2012, I was hired on as the team’s reporter. The team – coaches, players, and staff – were sensational to deal with and helped make the sacrifices the job requires worth it. I was with them more often than family and friends. As others have said, it’s the people that make the job. That’s 100 percent true.

After two years now, my time with the franchise is complete. Over the years, I thoroughly enjoyed my various roles. I am so thankful for the things I got to do and people I met. (To answer your questions: Best player to deal with as a locker room attendant: Shaq. Worst: Kevin Garnett.)

But my true passion is broadcasting. More specifically, calling games for a team. There’s nothing like that feeling. At the moment, I’m not exactly sure what’s next, but I hope to be back behind the microphone soon. I plan to continue Pacers coverage, and write about other Indiana teams, right here on my website, which I started four-plus years ago.

Thanks to those that follow me on Twitter, and please continue to do so. I always enjoy the friendly discussions. It was an honor to work for the team, and an honor to serve the fans as the team’s reporter for the past two seasons. As always feel free to tweet me, or contact me with something longer at the ‘Contact Us’ button at top.

From owner Herb Simon on down, I thank PS&E for being a special part of nearly half my life.

– Scott Agness

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