Ep. 91: Myles Turner signs extension; summer yoga with Bridget Gibbs

Myles Turner, yoga, Pacers

Myles Turner spent the majority of the offseason down in Texas. It was home, away from distractions, and allowed for him to focus on himself. He was preparing for the final year of his rookie deal — and later reached agreement with the Pacers on a four-year extension that guaranteed him $72 million.

But before then, one of the things he gave his full attention to during those hot summer days in Texas was yoga. At least twice a week, Turner would drive to The Ranch for a private session with Bridget Gibbs, owner of Yoga Body Fort Worth.

This was all part of his plan to improve his mind, diet, and strength. Initially, he wasn’t feeling the yoga. However, he soon felt the benefits as they began with trapeze yoga.

“I focus on trying to get you out of your head, get you out of your own way and let you be in your mat and teach you how to breath and teach you how to press through the pain, and to take your mind somewhere else,” Gibbs said. “Yoga is not necessarily an exercise; it’s more of a discipline. So we’re disciplining our mind through our body.”

It was fascinating to hear Gibbs, who was introduced to Turner this past summer, share her observations of the 22-year-old center and the progress that he made.

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Topics Discussed:

  • How they were introduced and her initial observations of Myles’ body
  • Benefits of trapeze and ashtanga yoga
  • What a typical 90-minute session was like
  • Domantas Sabonis and assistant Bill Bayno joining for a week

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