VIDEO: Damjan Rudež’s Top 10 Plays

Damjan Rudež is scheduled to play in the FIBA World Cup with Croatia.

The Pacers signed Croatian Damjan Rudež in July as they searched for shooters and were impressed with his development and play overseas.

Trouble for the fans (and media, too), is they have to wait until the season to see with their own eyes just how he plays and contribute. Fortunately, there is YouTube – and Damjan posted his top 10 highlights from his last two seasons with CAI Zaragoza.

From the video, you will observe that Rudež is more than just a sit-in-the-corner-and-launch-3s player. Yes, he can shoot. He’s been dubbed as one of the elite shooters in Europe today.

But he can do more.

Although it is a highlight video, Rudež is seen working in the posting, beating his man off the drubbing, completing alley-oops, and getting a critical defensive stop at the end. Given, the international game is very different, but it’s intriguing to see how he might contribute outside of nailing seven 3-pointers in a game, as he did.

If nothing else, you’ll enjoy the calls…

Watch Rudež’s top 10 plays in the media player below:

The Playlist:
10 – dunk vs. Valladolid
9 – alleyoop vs. Valladolid
8 – dunk vs. CB Canarias
7 – poster dunk vs. Fran Vasquez
6 – up and under vs. Lagun Aro
5 – seven 3-pointers vs. Valladolid
4 – dunk vs. Fuenlabrada
3 – block and dunk vs. Valencia
2 – buzzer beater vs. Cedevita
1 – game winner vs. Valencia

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